Korea Rocket GMH Nickel Metal Hydride Ind. Battery

  • Model: GMH
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  • Manufactured by: Rocket
GLOBAL BATTERY has engaged in high performance environmental technology for over half a century, resulting in GMH.
A sealed and valve regulated GMH with high output, high-capacity, longer life, and most of all, an environmentally friendly product with no Cadmium or other harmful metals.

-Smaller Dimension (1/10 size compared to other product with same Capacity)
-Innovative weight density with 6 times better than existing flooded type Ni-MH & Ni-Ca batteries
-Installation Free (horizontally & Vertically)
-Convenient to use (Maintenance Free product)

- UPS System
- Communication Equipments
- Power Plants
- Medical Equipments

- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001

(1) High Performance
- Energy & output density per given size are excellent
- Can withstand a high temperature range (-40 ~ 55 )
- Excellent charging recovery and constant nominal capacity until end of life
- Efficient in high current charge and discharge
(2) Installation Free
- The perfectly sealed & valve regulated battery enables installation either vertically or horizontally
- Efficient weight and dimensions compared to other batteries
- Installation & maintenance costs reduced due to minimized installation space
(3) Maintenance Free
- No need to refill during service life
(4) Environmentally-friendly
- Contains no harmful metals. Replaces the environmentallyharmful nickel-cadmium battery
- Recyclable after use
(5) Safety
- Battery safety vent prevents explosions due to over charging, which is a concern with lithium ion batteries.


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